How it came to be...

I wanted to share these stories with you, many of which came from my daughter’s dreams. As we shared ideas, the project grew into something more than we ever imagined. It has become a work of love that I can give to my daughter, Megan, to my son Robert,  and to you as well. These stories can expand your imagination and open a completely new world to you. Through my collaborating with Robert and Megan, I have learned so much about them, the depth of the imagination, and about myself. Together we have visited faraway lands, met strange new beings, met new friends, and fought off mysterious animals--all while sitting in my office. I hope that in these stories you can visit these places as well.

Vicki Shankwitz 


More about those involved...

Vicki Shankwitz - Author (pictured bottom right)

Megan Pitts - Author, Editor (pictured bottom left)

Robert Shankwitz - Editor, Cartographer, Author, Artist (pictured top left)

Bob Shankwitz - Editor (pictured top right)

Merle Bandsma - Artist, Habitat Series (not pictured) 

Judy Schneider - Embroidery (not pictured)

Elsie Sosenko - Seamstress (not pictured)